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Welcome to Teresa’s Dumbo Rats. I breed, sell and provide a rat-sitting service in Bristol and the surrounding areas in the South West. I also rescue any unwanted healthy rats of any breed, gender or age. This has been a hobby of mine for 5 years. I have been keeping rats as pets for over 20 years.

Just a quick ‘thank you’ for visiting my site. I hope you find it interesting. If you do, please feel free to leave me a message.

I breed and sell ‘Dumbo’ rats, ‘Dumbo Rex’ rats, occasionally ‘Double Rex Dumbo’ rats. All my babies are very well handled from birth to ensure tame, healthy, happy and excellent pets. I don’t breed for profit, any money from the babies go back into the rats I own.....better cages, toys, food, bedding, vet bills (rare but if needed) etc. It also helps towards the upkeep of the rescues I take in.

If you are looking for a pet rat to buy, you should weigh up the ‘pro’s and con’s’ of either buying from a small breeder or going to a commercial pet shop. Personally after research, I wouldn’t go to a pet shop after realising where and how their ‘live stock’ are bred  http://www.brecklagh.com/petshops.html.    Is a typical example.

Many rats from ‘rodent’ or ‘rat farms’ grow to be shy, skittish, sometimes aggressive, hard to bond with pets.

Where as if you were to wait for that ‘special’ pet from a decent breeder who care about the animals that they are raising, you will have a much better, friendly, lovable pet. Though if may mean that you have to wait rather than trot to a pet shop for an impulse buy……

All my babies are handled from birth and have very friendly parents.  Click ‘about me’ for details about how and why a breed my rats…..

Going on holiday? Need a rat sitter in Bristol? Contact me.


















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